Twitter Feeds

Twitter Feeds

The City of Evanston currently has 11 twitter accounts. Follow the feeds you're interested in for the latest updates!

For City Info + Urgent Notifications.

For Urgent Notifications ONLY.

For the Daily Beach Status.

For news on the different services and events the Parks & Recreation Department has to offer.  

For updates on events and resources available at the Evanston Public Library.

For news directly from the Evanston Health Department on anything related to the welness of the people of Evanston.

Para noticias sobre eventos y servicios bibliotecarios y gubernamentales para la comunidad Latina en Evanston en Español.

For information on volunteer opportunities in Evanston.

For information about the Evanston Economic Development Division.

For updates from the City of Evanston Police Department.

For updates from the City of Evanston Fire Department.