Text a Tip

In order to provide a secure and anonymous method of providing information to the police, the Evanston Police Department has expanded the TEXT-A-TIP program citywide.

TEXT-A-TIP allows the public to send tips (including pictures, video or audio) via text message about criminal activity to the Evanston Police Department from any cell phone.

More information is available here.

Youth Services @ The Evanston Police Department

Youth Services provides Family Support and Intervention Services for Youth-Related Crisis and Youth Offenders.

Additional Services:

  • Follow Up with Parents and Families on incidents of Youth Crime and Youth-Related Situations that come to the attention of the Police Department.
  • Community Service Program provides youth with an alternative-to-court police response and includes Community Service Work, Family Meeting and Assessment resulting in a Plan to Prevent Recurrence.
  • Restorative Justice Services: Victim-Offender Conferencing provides Youth Offenders opportunities to be accountable to victims and the community. Victim-Offender Conferencing includes a Family Meeting and Youth Assessment in order to develop a Plan to Prevent Recurrence.
  • Peace Circles provide a safe process for mediation and resolution of youth peer, family and community conflicts.
  • Neighborhood Youth Outreach provides street outreach and advocacy to youth and young adults for employment, education and recreation.
  • Coordination of Services with Schools, Community Agencies and Court Systems.