Daily Crime Reports

The Daily Crime Bulletin contains information on selected incidents and arrests taken from the initial police reports. Some incidents may not appear in the Daily Crime Bulletin due to the investigation.

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The number of offenses presented in these reports includes only those incidents of crime known to police, either through discovery by police or the reporting by citizens. Many crimes are never reported to police, and the percentage of crimes not reported varies with the type of crime, the community in which it occurs, and other factors. Many factors, including random fluctuation, contribute to the variation in the number of reported and unreported crimes.

Arrests & Clearances

All of the Field Operations and Investigative units directly contribute to solving and clearing cases, either through arrests or other means. However, the ability of police to apprehend offenders, either at the scene or through investigation, is heavily dependent on citizen alertness and action, since many more crimes are witnessed or discovered by citizens than police.

For information about arrest expungement, please contact the Skokie Courthouse.

For information on crime prevention call the police department at 847.866.5019

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E.P.D. Launches Crime Mapping for the Public
crime reports.pngThe Evanston Police Department is partnering with CrimeReports.com, the largest, most comprehensive crime-mapping website in the world. Evanston residents and businesses can enter an address and see when and where crimes occurred in that neighborhood. The site will list the hundred block in which the incident occurred, the type of crime and the date and time of occurrence.  The site also displays information about sex offenders in the area and the specific address a sex offender is registered to.

There is a download delay of 24 to 72 hours for incidents depending on the uploading of data. For further information on listed incidents through the CrimeReports.com website, please refer to the Daily Crime Bulletin issued by the Evanston Police Department Monday through Friday, which is posted online at www.cityofevanston.org/crimereport. To join the crime bulletin email list and get the reports by email, just sign up at the link on the crime report page.

CrimeReports.com posts accurate, official crime information for communities across North America, so you may be able to check crime in other cities or towns that have partnered with this web based crime reporting software. There is a CrimeReports.com app available for iPhone and iPad devices that can be downloaded for free through Apple.

Other communication tools being used by the Evanston Police Department are Facebook, Text-a-Tip (tips also can be submitted anonymously online for previously committed crimes and by phone), plus a new Twitter account, @EvanstonPD. For more information, please call 3-1-1 (847-448-4311) or Police non-emergency at 847-866-5000. It should be noted that when viewing the CrimeReports.com website, a link is provided when viewing an incident that enables a person to submit a tip for this reported crime in English, Spanish or French.