The primary responsibility of the Zoning Office staff is to administer and enforce the Zoning Ordinance (Title 6 of the Evanston City Code).

This includes reviewing all proposals and applications for compliance, processing applications for zoning relief (for example, variances), providing zoning information about properties and explaining how zoning regulations apply to proposed developments.  The Zoning Office reviews all building permit applications and business licenses for compliance. Staff is available by appointment to review development concepts and to discuss possible uses at a specific site.

How to find the ZONING DISTRICT for a property:

Click here to use About My Place. Enter the address of the property, and press Get Info. A page of information about the property will be displayed. The Zoning Code will be shown near the center of the page.




Zoning Services

The Zoning Office provides services the following services.   Applications are available online or in our office. To download applications, click on links below.  More detailed information may be found on our new Zoning Applications page.

Online Forms - Apply Now!


Zoning Staff

To reach a member of the Zoning Staff directly, see list below.

Melissa Klotz
Zoning Planner
Michael Griffith
Development Planner


How to find the ZONING REGULATIONS for a Zoning District:

Click here to use the City Code. The Zoning Ordinance is Title 6.

Zoning District Summary Sheets

General Information on each zoning districts can be found below:

R1-R3 Residential Districts (Coming Soon)
R4-R6 Residential Districts (Coming Soon)
B1-B3 Business Districts
C1-C2 Commercial Districts
D1-D4 Downtown Districts
I1-I3 Industrial Districts
MU-MUE-MXE Districts


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