Planning & Zoning Division

Planning & Zoning Division

Improving and protecting the quality of life of Evanston residents is a daily focus of the Planning and Zoning Division. Our mission is to serve as a resource and catalyst for improving the city, its neighborhoods, historic districts, downtown, and the industrial and commercial components of the local economy.

As one of the most economically diverse older and smaller cities in the Midwest, Evanston is a distinct place with many amenities and opportunities, as well as challenges. Collaborative planning with citizens, businesses and institutions is integral to the city’s culture, as are public and private partnerships that promote a high quality of living and working in Evanston.

Additionally, the Planning and Zoning Division is tasked to administer the Zoning Ordinance (Title 6 of the Evanston City Code). This includes reviewing all proposals and applications for compliance, process applications for zoning relief (i.e. variances) and provide zoning information in order to maintain compliance of all properties within the City of Evanston. The Zoning Office reviews all building applications for construction permits and business licenses for compliance.



Zoning Fees - Effective Monday, March 16, 2015

Comprehensive Fee Ordinance - Effective Monday, March 16, 2015


STAFF: Planning & Zoning Administrator: Scott Mangum, 847-448-8675

               Development Planner: Michael Griffith, 847-448-8155

               Zoning Planner: Melissa Klotz, 847-448-8153  

               Neighborhood and Land Use Planner: Meagan Jones, 847-448-8170

              Senior Planner/Preservation Coordinator: Carlos Ruiz, 847-448-8687