Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department is a service department that assists both external and internal customers. Our external customers are the citizens of Evanston.


The staff compiles appropriate interim financial information to facilitate management control of financial operations and prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

The division also oversees various special audits of the City's financial records as well as preparing both the Police and Firefighter's Pension Fund's Annual Statements to be filed with the Illinois Department of Insurance.

Budget information is available on the Budget Website.

Human Resources

Human Resources is the central coordinating point for the filling of all full-time, permanent part-time and seasonal positions.
Employment Opportunities.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Division (IT) meets the business and technology needs of the City by providing a full suite of technical, support and management consulting services. The following provides more information on the lines of service offered by the IT Division.

Desktop Services

Desktop services are functions that directly support the use of personal computers, laptops and handheld devices. This includes supporting the Microsoft Office suite of tools, e-mail, and city-wide packaged software applications.

Application Development Services

IT provides limited application design and development. Application development is used to integrate and fill functional gaps in purchased application packages.

Telecommunication Services

Telecommunication services include all commercial and/or private voice communications systems and devices, commercial voice communications carrier services, telephones, Private Telephone Switches (PBX), and voice mail. In addition, all network services from wall jacks to servers, including the wide area network (WAN), local area networks (LANs), broadband cable system, fiber optics, wireless and Internet services.

Architecture and Infrastructure Services

These services include selection and management of PCs, gateways, firewalls, security services, domain name system (DNS), file servers, print servers, website hosting, database administration, data center operations, backup, recovery and performance planning.

Training Services

Training services include technology-related training covering general computer use, the Microsoft Office suite, e-mail, other packaged and developed application training, and managing the training facility. Planning and execution of training related to system implementation projects are provided.

GIS Services

Geographic Information System (GIS) Services include map requests, data analysis and reporting, systems integration, implementation of GIS-based solutions, creation and maintenance of GIS data, desktop application support and web-based mapping application deployment.

Project Management Services

The project management functions facilitate the City's ability to manage projects across the City. IT staff project managers ensures effective communication about project progress, processes, issues, and risks; provides a strong basis for managing the resources of the project/program; and establishes the roles, authorities, and responsibilities of project participants in each of the distinct project phases.

Application Support Services

IT support services focus on the long term administration of new software applications. Staff works with customers to perform user administration, write reports, troubleshoot software issues and implement upgrades as they become available.

Application Acquisition and Implementation Services

IT works with customers to identify, acquire and implement new applications. Services include: the assistance with RFP development, vendor selection, contract negotiations and a full slate of project management activities.


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