City Manager

City Manager

City Manager: Wally Bobkiewicz

The City Manager and staff direct the administration and execution of the policies and goals formulated by the City Council and propose alternative solutions to community problems for City Council consideration. These responsibilities include advising the Council on present and future financial, personnel and program needs, implementing immediate and long-range City priorities, establishing procedures which will assist the City in serving its citizens, preparing the annual budget and supervising City department heads. Staff are also involved in the coordination of the larger economic development projects as well as program evaluation and policy analysis.

Community Engagement

radio station

The Community Engagement Division of the City Manager's Office provides information to and solicits feedback from the public on a broad range of programs, services, issues and policies. The Division also plans and conducts public relations programs, activities and special events which maintain a favorable public image for the City.

Staff educates the public through the City of Evanston’s award-winning website, printed and electronic newsletters, press releases, social media and Evanston Radio AM 1650 WPXZ-497. Promotional tools also include brochures, banners, posters, flyers and postcards.

City Manager Weekly Reports

Historical List of Evanston City Managers

City Manager's Office

2100 Ridge Ave. Evanston, IL 60201, #4500
P: 847.866.2936

City Manager: Wally Bobkiewicz
Assistant City Manager: Martin Lyons
Deputy City Manager: Erika Storlie

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