Building & Inspection Services

Building & Inspection Services

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The Building Office provides enforcement of the City Adopted Building Codes. This includes reviewing all building plans for code compliance, issuing of building permits, and construction inspections.

Submittal Checklists are required for all permit applications (except for any 'over the counter' type permits)

Allowable construction hours:

Monday - Friday: 7am - 7pm 
Saturday: 8am - 5pm
Sunday: Work not allowed

The City of Evanston has adopted the 2012 International Building Code with the additions, deletions, exceptions, and other amendments set forth in Title 4 of the City Code.

Adopted Building Codes (see the City Code)

  • 2012 International Building Code (IBC)
  • 2012 International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings (IRC)
  • 2012 International Plumbing Code
  • 2012 International Mechanical Code
  • 2012 International Fuel Gas Code
  • 2011 National Electric Code (NFPA 70)
  • 2012 NFPA Life Safety Code 101
  • 2012 International Fire Code
  • 2012 International Energy Conservation Code

Online versions of the International Building, Residential, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Fuel Gas codes are available for purchase from the International Code Council. The 2012 Fire Code and NFPA Life Safety Code as well as the 2011 National Electric Code are all available free online from the National Fire Protection Association. Hard copies of all codes are available for review at the permit desk, the City Clerk’s office, and the Evanston Public Library.

The City of Evanston also enforces additional State of Illinois listed below. These are available online from the Illinois Capital Development Board:

  • State of Illinois Plumbing Code
  • State of Illinois Accessibility Code
  • Illinois Energy Conservation Code

Fee Ordinance, Permits and Licenses - Effective Monday, March 16, 2015

Green Ordinance - Measure - New Buildings + Large Additions

Green Ordinance - Measure - Remodeling + Small Additions

Check with the Illinois EPA for all construction related environmental issues and permits.